Grow your business & find your difference without wasting your time.

Getting customers doesn't have to be so hard

You started your business out of love and passion. You want to share this passion with others, but you don’t know how.

Growing your business becomes easier with a strategic roadmap made just for you.

We want the same thing. We want you to...

Stand out

Every business is unique, so we want to grow and communicate your difference.

Connect with your audience

Content is king, but it gets tiring pumping out content everyday. Make communication and content creation hassle free with a highly targeted messaging.

Make more money and time for yourself

You have more than enough on your plate. We want to create a plan that can help you grow your business and reach more people with less work.

I help coffee shops & restaurants grow & find their difference through brand strategy

I do this in 3 big picture steps

Brand Exploration

We prioritise your goals, identify your needs, and develop a bespoke solution so that we can grow your business.

Brand Strategy

Develop a plan to achieve your business goals, connect with your audience and communicate your competitive edge.

Identity & Growth

Gain cohesion in how you look, sound, and act. Become a memorable brand and grow your business!

What my clients have to say:

Prior to meeting Patty the quality of our branding projected to our audience was poor. We knew our problem was solved the moment we saw our logo. In one word, I would describe Patty’s service as OUTSTANDING. We are happy that our branding is now way much better than what it was before. Because of her work, we are now able to produce our own exclusive products using our own brand.
Charles Tan
Founder of Lil' Haven
Before working with Patty, I had a hard time finding a talented designer who could understand my brand and produce quality work. I had to spend a lot of time and money before working with her. What was different about Patty was the quality of the design and the speed. The designs Patty made for us is still being used and I’ve sold thousands of it!
Alex Chan
Founder of Sugar Pet Shop
Before discovering Patty's services, I had a hard time articulating my personal identity and my family business' look and feel. When I saw the first round of logos for Puerto de San Isidro, I knew then this gal was serious! What was different about Patty's services was how responsive and thorough she was. I loved how detailed Patty was, how she knew how to listen.
Pauline Doctolero
Multi-media Designer

Let’s build a stellar brand!