Amorene: An Investment You Can Wear

The Problem:

Amorene experienced a difficulty in communicating with their audience and maintaining their social media presence. It did not have an established identity or a clear understanding of its brand. This resulted in an unclear messaging, positioning, and inconsistent digital content.

The Outcome:

  • A roadmap / guide for their overall brand strategy
  • A cohesive visual identity that clearly expresses the essence of the brand
  • A clear understanding of their internal brand, positioning and messaging

The Solution:

There was a need to conduct a series of Brand Workshops in order to bring clarity to Amorene’s internal brand, personality, positioning and communication.


Brand Workshops
Logo Design
Visual Identity Design

Amorene helps visionary investors and stylish professionals who are unfamiliar with gold jewellery make easy and convenient investments by empowering them through education


What Amorene has to say:

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