Perlas: The Heart of the Philippines


Perlas is a hypothetical sub-brand of Philippine Airlines. The challenge of this project is to create a first class brand while keeping a hint of the Filipino culture.


An identity system that fuses the classic Filipino culture with a modern twist.


How might I showcase the Filipino culture at a more modern and luxurious point of view?


Logo Design
Identity System

Note: This is a personal project

Philippine Airlines (PAL) is the flag carrier of the Philippines. They are a certified 4-star air line that gives a sneak peak of the Philippines to their flyers. PAL is proud of its country and its people. They encourage more foreigners to experience The Heart of The Filipinos on their flight through PAL’s Buong Pusong Alaga (Whole Hearted Service.) The five service attributes that guide their behaviour are: Magalang (Polite,) Maasahan (Reliable & Trusted,) Maalaga (Caring & Hospitable,) Magaling (Efficient & Skilful,) and Malambing (Loving). These service attributes shows the best of the Filipino values.

Defining the Brand

Philippine Airlines has a long and rich history. When creating an identity for an existing brand, it’s important to define the brand through its brand attributes and a marketing audit. For the case of Perlas, I also identified 2 key personas. The insights taken from this research dictated the overall direction of having a luxurious, modern, and cultural brand identity.

The Heart of the Filipinos

The brand identity take its roots from the various weaving patterns and tattoos of the indigenous groups in the Philippines. The logo also took elements from the Philippine Airlines logo, such as the sun and the triangle. The triangles were subtly used in order to create the overall form of the logo.

A Fusion of Modern and Classic

Perlas is a Filipino term for Pearl. The name was highly inspired by Philippine’s nickname, Pearl of the Orient. The name Perlas is befitting for a first class brand as a Pearl is an object of beauty, and a metaphor for something rare, fine, admirable and valuable. The brand revolves around the words: Modern, Luxurious, Cultural, and Reliable.